7 Steps to Your Dream Bathroom Remodel

Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your house. You visit it every day and you deserve to enjoy your stay. A bathroom renovation can help you start your day in style, not to mention impress guests and increase the value of your home. If starting the remodelling process seems intimidating, fear not. 

Follow these seven steps and you’ll be enjoying your dream bathroom in no time.

1. Define Your Bathroom Remodel Vision

What does your dream bathroom renovation look like? It’s time for some brainstorming. Anything goes at this stage of the process, so dream big. Consider bathroom layout, light fixtures, medicine cabinets, flooring, toilet, windows, sinks, shower, lighting, and more. Perhaps you’d like a freestanding tub or a double vanity?

For inspiration consider magazines, online platforms, TV shows, blogs, or showrooms. If you find yourself visiting an impressive facility at any time, that serves as a great source of encouragement as well.

2. Set a Budget for Your Bathroom Renovations

Now’s the time to get realistic about your priorities and budget. Obviously, the more money you’re willing to allocate to the project, the more extensive your bathroom renovations can be. There are, however, renovations that can be done on smaller budgets, so don’t despair if your funds are limited.

Start by pricing out materials for your bathroom remodel. Visit online dealers as well as retail locations and take note of price ranges. Prioritize your wants and needs and be realistic.

If your renovation process is going to require professional help, now is the time to contact a home renovation contractor who can provide you with an estimate for labour. They may also provide perspective on your initial materials estimate.

3. Create a Detailed Plan for Your Renovations

Putting a solid plan in place will ensure that your project runs smoothly, with minimal surprises.

Consider space, will the size of your bathroom facilitate the renovation you have in mind?

Timelines are another consideration. Are you hoping to complete the renovation in one fell swoop, or in stages? If it’s the latter you have in mind, ask a professional about logistical considerations. Plumbing systems and other factors may dictate the order in which you tackle the various aspects of the project.

If you’re going to be ordering any of your fixtures, you’ll want to ensure that you have adequate time to have them in hand before your project begins.

Professional consultation can be key to success in this stage.

Bathroom Renovation with a beautiful bathtub
Wouldn’t you love to relax in this bathtub? This beautiful Vista bathroom finds this relaxing tub basking in natural light.

4. Choose Quality Materials and Fixtures for Your Bathroom Renovation

If you already have an aesthetic in mind for your bathroom, you’ll want to keep that in mind as you shop for fixtures, tile, and other materials.

As important as fashion is, functionality is even more so. You’ll want to invest in quality materials that are practical for your bathroom, so a bit of research will be in order. If budget is a factor, there will be decisions to make.

An independent contractor with no vested interest in your materials purchase will be a valuable source of impartial advice when it comes to your decisions.

5. Hire the Right Home Renovation Professionals

It’s important to hire the right contractor to complete your bathroom renovations. From plumbing and electrical to floors, tile, and central heating, there are a lot of components to getting the job done right.

Look for a contractor with a strong history and portfolio. Check for feedback from previous clients. Last but not least, choose a company that is communicative and willing to answer questions.

Vista not only does residential bathroom renovations but also commercial bathroom renovations, such as this stunning project.

6. Plan for Demolition and Construction

Depending upon the extent of your bathroom renovation, the demolition and construction process can be sizeable. Utilities will need to be turned off, plumbing disconnected, and items removed. Framing, drywall, flooring, fixture installation, wall finishing, and electrical should all be considered.

During this period of time, it’s important to have a plan. If you have a second bathroom, that’s ideal. If not, it may make sense to coordinate some travel plans during the renovation.

7. Add Some Finishing Touches

Paint, accessories, and decor will be the elements that take your bathroom renovation that extra mile. Everything from wall art to soap dispensers will contribute to the overall aesthetic of your bathroom. Get your creative juices flowing and put some love into the process!

Next Steps

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